DiceFest Logo
October 28-29, 2017
Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center Auditorium
16600 NE 80th St
Redmond, WA 98052
Exclusive DiceFest2017 Miniature

Panels give behind the scenes details and previews!    Brimstone Costumes

     For the last decade, Flying Frog has had booths at conventions like Gen Con, PAX, Origins, etc. But, most of the time, we are introducing our games to new players and each demo or game starts at square one - introducing the theme and concepts and teaching the basic rules. DiceFest is an event for the fans of Flying Frog's games. You already play the games, now let's take it to the next level! Large 3D game tables with beautiful detail bringing the games to life like never before! Huge event games like 'Trederran Trench War' where up to 16 Brimstone Heroes enter a massive labyrinth of trenches in the war-torn world of Trederra, fighting their way through the defenses, working together to shut down the Doomsday Device, but also competing for the prize stashes along the way! Plus panels and signings that won't happen anywhere else! We will also have introductory game demos and events as well, for new players and veterans alike.

Trederran Trenchwar!    3D Targa Board

     This is two action-packed days of your favorite Flying Frog games, but played with new scenarios, huge 3D gaming tables, and mega events designed by the creators of the games. Meet all of the creative people behind the games and see props and costumes from the games. Challenge other fans in tournaments and contests!

Last Night on Earth Mega Event    Studio Painter Aaron Lovejoy

     We would love to have you join us for DiceFest 2017. We have put together an overview of what to expect at the show. We will continue to add more details as we schedule the events and contests. This is still subject to change, but here is a list of the highlights...

Highlights of DiceFest 2017:
  • Each registration ticket includes the 2017 DiceFest exclusive Veteran Gunslinger game miniature - made specifically for DiceFest!
  • Unique Event Games throughout the weekend - Flying Frog's designers have created thematic and exciting scenarios for your favorite Flying Frog games!
  • 3D Game Tables - Epic 3D terrain and incredible detail for some game events allow players to immerse themselves in the world of Flying Frog like never before!
  • 2017 Keynote Panel: 10 Years of Last Night on Earth - Creators and cast reunite to discuss the making of the award-winning survival horror boardgame, followed by a once in a lifetime game signing opportunity!
  • Soundtracks Live Concert - Mary Beth Magallanes and friends will perform songs from across the game soundtracks live on stage!
  • Behind the Brush Sessions - Flying Frog's Studio Painter Aaron Lovejoy reveals his techniques and tips in interactive sessions.
  • Costume and Prop Showcase - Check out props and costumes from Flying Frog games!
  • Presentation of a sneak peek of upcoming products - Be the first to get the scoop of what's next for Flying Frog!
  • Painting Contest 2017 - Step up to the challenge, enter your figures into several different categories, prizes awarded.
  • FFP Costume Contest 2017 - We have seen some amazing Cosplay of characters from our games at past conventions, but DiceFest is where you can take home prizes and glory for your hard work and creativity. Several categories rewarding theme, creativity, and accuracy to game detail!
  • Meet the creators and illustrators behind your favorite Flying Frog games!
  • Dice Fest Preview sales of upcoming items - Limited quantities of future products that you can purchase early at the show.
Painting Contest

Painting Contest
Show off your work and enter your FFP miniatures in several categories. Entries can be turned in at the show until 2PM Saturday, Oct 28th. Judging to follow with winners announced Saturday evening, with prizes awarded in each category.

3D Game Tables

3D Game Tables
The games come to life with incredibly detailed 3D game boards that you can play on at the show.

Costume Contest

Costume Contest
Celebrate Halloween weekend with us by wearing your Flying Frog game-inspired costumes and enter in one of several categories for a chance to win prizes!

Mega Events

Mega Events
Play your favorite FFP games in mind-blowing special mega events designed for the show!