DiceFest Game Schedule

We are excited to present a new crop of exciting games this year at DiceFest 2018. We have posted the schedules of games for the Main Hall and South Hall for Saturday, Oct 27th and Sunday, Oct 28th (Click to enlarge). When you arrive at DiceFest, you will be able to sign up for events after getting your badge either at Will Call (if you already purchased tickets on the Web Store) or Ticket Sales (if you are buying a ticket at the show). Free Play Events do not have a sign up sheet and are open as "first come, first served".

Main Hall Schedule SAT, Oct 27th

South Hall Schedule SAT, Oct 27th

Main Hall Schedule SUN, Oct 28th

South Hall Schedule SUN, Oct 28th

"Devoured in Space!": Shadows of Brimstone Mega Game (MG001)
A huge group of Old West Heroes find themselves on a derelict ship, hurdling through space and now caught in the maw of a massive space creature. The ship is being devoured - with YOU inside! Can you get help from the ship's crew to fight back and destroy the beast from within? An insane mash-up of Derelict Ship and Belly of the Beast OtherWorlds in this massive Mega Game! (Main Hall, 150min 16players)


"Unleash The Magma Giants": Shadows of Brimstone Cynder Mega Game (MG003)
Some very charred survivors of a recent excursion to Cynder have claimed to have seen a fiery new threat in the molten underworld! Now, a wealthy publishing tycoon has offered vast sums of gold to the first Hero to return from Cynder with evidence of the massive beasts! Grab a provided Old West Hero and enter the blazing caverns of Cynder. (Main Hall, 150min 16players)


3D Targa Board

"Remnants of an Ancient Machine": Shadows of Brimstone 3D Targa Adventure (SB3D001)
Your Old West Heroes find themselves trapped in a frozen city on another world, long since abandoned by some elder alien race. Can you find the parts of this ancient machine and assemble it to open a portal home before your posse freezes to death or is taken out by the city's robotic defenders? (Main Hall, 90min 4players)


3D Frontier Town Board

"Shootout in the Streets": Shadows of Brimstone 3D Frontier Town Adventure (SB3D002)

Yeeeehaaa! Saddle up, it's time to hit the town, the Frontier Town! Your Heroes take on a town filled with Bandits in a massive shootout in the streets! Play on this huge, insanely detailed 3D Frontier Town game board. (Main Hall, 90min 4players)

Operation Gorgon

3D Trederra Board

"Operation Gorgon: The Trenches of Cyllas 325!": Shadows of Brimstone 3D Trederra Adventure (SB3D003)

A Veteran of a war from another world has come to your old west town and recruited your group of stalwart heroes on an errand of mercy. Join him in returning to Trederra to stop a destructive plot! Work your way through the trenches, avoiding patrols, and shut down three generators, before these warmongers blow up the entire eastern front! (Main Hall, 90min 4players)


3D Arzakov's Gate Board

"Arzakov's Gate - Arena of Battle": Shadows of Brimstone 3D Arena Free Play (SB3D004)

Out in the Canyons, South of Brimstone, folks talk about a massive stable portal to the unknown. It's called Arzakov's Gate! And while it appears on many a map, few have seen it and lived to tell the tale. They say gigantic monstrosities enter our world through the gate and the toughest hombres in the West head there to see what they're made of! Bring your Shadows of Brimstone Character and miniature and enter the arena alongside others to face whatever comes through Arzakov's Gate! (Main Hall, Freeplay)


"3D Board: Wasteland Fortress": Shadows of Brimstone 3D Blasted Wastes Adventure(SB3D005)

Out of the frying pan and into the fire! Your posse of Old West Heroes narrowly escaped the trenches of Trederra, only to end up in a sulfurous alien wasteland, surrounded by deadly creatures and warbands of alien scavengers. On the horizon, you can see the cracked hull of a massive crashed starship, which appears to now be a Scavenger Fortress! (Main Hall, 90min 4 players)


Castle Of The Fallen Shogun Game

"Castle of the Fallen Shogun": Forbidden Fortress 3D Japan Adventure (FF3D001)

The Fallen Shogun is mad with power and your group of honorable heroes has journeyed to his Takeda Fortress to find an ancient item rumored to give his armies immense power! Can you battle his Takobake forces and capture this relic before it's too late? This beautiful and ornately detailed Fortress game board is a must-see new addition to this year's DiceFest! (Main Hall, 90min 4players)


3D Jargono Board

"The Sword and the Serpent": Forbidden Fortress 3D Jargono Adventure (FF3D002)
You're not in Kyoto anymore! Your band of Feudal Japanese Heroes has traveled to the swamp world of Jargono and you are in for a fight! Traverse the hunting grounds of the Swamp Raptors to reach the sacred territory of the Yellow Tail Serpentmen Tribe. They are rumored to have an artifact of great power! Not that they will give it to you willingly. (Main Hall, 90min 4players)

"Spotlight: Forbidden Fortress (SBFF001)
This is a Spotlight Event focusing on introducing Forbidden Fortress to new players or veterans of Shadows of Brimstone. Four tables, each with a 4-player game, a moderator guides. (Main Hall, Freeplay)

"Broken Amulet": Forbidden Fortress LINKED MISSIONS (SBFF002)
Yamabushi Monks have divined the locations of four lost fragments of an Ancient Amulet. If they can be found and reforged into a single piece...it could unlock the secret of immortality! Four 'LINKED' missions, each to hunt for a piece of the Amulet, followed by a special epic EndGame on Sunday, bringing together players from the first four games. All players in these LINKED games take home a Mini-Amulet keepsake! (South Hall, 120min 4 players)

"Broken Amulet: Endgame!": Forbidden Fortress (SBFF002B)
Players from previous four 'LINKED' games have retreived all pieces of the Amulet. They have assembled the artifact and are now ready to play in the Endgame! (South Hall, 180min Players from Saturdays Broken Amulet Missions)

"Temple of Shadows Preview": Forbidden Fortress (SBFF003)
A Special preview of the upcoming Temple of Shadows Deluxe Expansion for Forbidden Fortress. (South Hall, 90min 4 players)

"Hunting the Dragon": Forbidden Fortress Dragon Preview (SBFF004)
Designer Jason Hill gives players a Special preview of the upcoming Dragon Deluxe Enemy Pack for Forbidden Fortress. (South Hall, 90min 4 players)

The Fall of Woodinvale Mega Game

"The Fall of Woodinvale!": Last Night on Earth Mega Game (MG002)

The small town of Woodinvale has erupted with rising dead! But this town won't go down without a fight - 16 small town heroes must band together and survive until sunrise when a military transport chopper will rescue anyone left to meet them in the center of town. (Main Hall, 120min 16players)


"Night That Never Ends!": Last Night on Earth LINKED Games (LNOE001)

Help the Heroes of Woodinvale survive the Night that Never Ends in this new 'LINKED' series of games that allows surviving Heroes to continue from game to game, building up their experience and arsenal of gear! But beware, death in this game is permanent as Heroes fall to the ever-growing Zombie horde! (South Hall, 4players)


"Broken Down!": Last Night on Earth 10th Anniversary (LNOE002)

Your truck has broken down and you are surrounded by shambling hordes! Find the tools and repair the truck before no one is left to drive out of town! (Main Hall, 4players)


"Old Betsy Holds The Line!": Last Night on Earth 10th Anniversary (LNOE003)

The small town heroes of Woodinvale must hold the line, preventing the waves of zombies from flooding into the town. Luckily, they have the help of the Canine Hero, Old Betsy! All players in these games will get a PROMO Old Betsy Playable Hero Character. (South Hall, 90min 4players)


A Touch of Evil 10 Year Anniversary Edition

"The Horseman Rides Tonight!": A Touch of Evil 10 Year Anniversary Preview (ATOE001)

The sleepy town of Shadowbrook has a dark secret, many of them, in fact. Can you figure out who to trust before the Spectral Horseman rides again to claim another head?! Check out the lavish new miniatures in this preview of the upcoming 10 year anniversary version of the classic gothic horror game. (South Hall, 90min 6players)


Giant A Touch of Evil (ATOE002)

We have blown up the classic supernatural gothic horror game that you know and love to epic scale for BIG FUN! (Main Hall, 90min 6players)


Invasion Woodinvale

"Invasion Woodinvale": Invasion from Outer Space / Last Night on Earth Crossover Event (IFOS001)

Humans versus Martians versus Zombies: the showdown begins! Do not miss this spectacular crossover event! (Main Hall, 120min 6players)


"Eruption of the Dead!": Fortune and Glory Zombie Outrbreak (FANG001)

In the dangerous world of pulp adventure in the 1930's, most larger than life heroes through they had seen it all. Until the Zombie Outbreak! (South Hall, 90min 6players)


Giant Fortune and Glory (FANG002)

We have blown up the classic Fortune and Glory game that you know and love to epic scale for BIG FUN! (Main Hall, 90min 6players)

Giant Fortune and Glory


Giant Conquest of Planet Earth (COPE001)

We have blown up the classic Conquest of Planet Earth game that you know and love to epic scale for BIG FUN! (Main Hall, 90min 4players)


Giant Conquest of Planet Earth (COPE002)

We have blown up the classic Conquest of Planet Earth game that you know and love to epic scale for BIG FUN! (Main Hall, 90min 4players)


Dark Gothic Freeplay (DG001)

Face supernatural Villains and challenge other Heroes in Flying Frog's fast-paced deck building game! (Main Hall, Freeplay 4players)


Open Game Library - Free Play (OPENGAME)

Sit down and play something from Flying Frog's Library of games in the open gaming area! (South Hall, Freeplay)



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